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  • Lost Lagoon

    The *Lost Lagoon* is a small body of water in [[Stanley Park]]. It is a bird conservatory as well, and one may find people feeding ducks at its shores at any time of day. To the Uratha, the Lost Lagoon represents a place of great spiritual power. The …

  • Stanley Park

    *Stanley Park* is a park in North Vancouver. It is open to all, any time, for anything. To the Uratha, Stanley Park is the home of a powerful spirit, who guards the strongest Locus in Vancouver. The spirit - a community spirit called Anyone-for-All …

  • Granville Island

    *Granville Island* is a small peninsula in West Vancouver. It is a shopping centre and tourist attraction. There is a locus somewhere on Granville Island. The Island itself is in the territory of the [[Granville Street Pack]]. The Granville Island …

  • Gastown

    *Gastown* was the original first settlement of Vancouver. There is a locus within Gastown. It is within the territory of [[The Zhang Zhou Group]] The Gastown Locus has a rating of ••

  • Nanaimo Station

    *Nanaimo Station* is a SkyTrain station in East Vancouver. There is a locus in the service bathroom of the station. Currently no pack has claim to the locus. The Nanaimo Station Locus has a rating of ••

  • McBarge

    The *McBarge* was a McDonalds restaurant installed on a barge in Burrard Inlet during Expo 86. It has since been abandoned. The entire barge is a locus. The McBarge Locus has a rating of •••

  • Everett Crowley Park

    *Everett Crowley Park* is a small park in South Vancouver. There is a small locus in the largest tree in the park. The Everett Crowley Park Locus has a rating of •

  • UBC

    The *University of British Columbia* is a university in West Vancouver. It is well attended. There are several loci of unknown strength on the UBC campus and in the Endowment Lands adjacent. Both are in the territory of the [[Thunderbird Pack]].

  • Deadman's Island

    *Deadman's Island* is an Island near Stanley Park. Legends say that over 200 Squamish people died on that island, and their blood turned to red and orange flowers when it hit the ground. It is a Barren - devoid of spiritual energy.

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